First AEROCLO-sA data workshop

The first AEROCLO-sA washup meeting was held at LISA, Créteil on 31 Jan-01 February 2018. Download the agenda.

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The AEROCLO-sA overview paper is published!

The AEROCLO-sA overview paper has been published on the July 2019  issue of the Bull. Am. Met. Soc. and it is highlighted by the cover page Check out

AEROCLO-sA/CLARIFY/LASIC/ORACLES joint meeting, 2-4 April, Paris

The first AEROCLO-sA/CLARIFY/LASIC/ORACLES joint meeting will be held at CNES headquarter, Paris, 2-4 April 2019. The purpose of this first meeting is the compilation of those modelling and observational studies on the interactions of natural and anthropogenic aerosols with radiation, clouds, and regional climate in the South Atlantic Ocean and the southern African region beyond […]

EGU 2019 is incoming!

Dont miss out AS1.41 Aerosols, radiation and clouds over the southeast Atlantic. Convener: Paola Formenti. Co-conveners: Jan Cermak, Jim Haywood, Jens Redemann, Paquita Zuidema Orals: Thu, 11 Apr, 08:30–10:15, Room 0.49 Posters: Attendance Thu, 11 Apr, 10:45–12:30, Hall X5